Make Habit Smarter: Piggy Bank App

More than 14% of Americans drink alcohol excessively. Most of us do not consume alcohol at bars or parties, but drinking alone at home. The goal of this app is to use positive ways to quit excessive drinking while adapting a better lifestyle.


The Piggy bank lives inside of the existing app Mint. While taking advantage of Mint‘s financial management function, Piggy bank opens up a new interface and interaction method.

How This Works / The Core Idea 

e.g. You are spending 300 dollars on alcohol per month. And if next month, you spend 200 dollars on alcohol, the difference amount will still be withdrawn  from your account, then moved to the Piggy Bank account. Money continues to accumulate as you commit to the Piggy Bank program. You can receive the collective money at the end of the program – just like breaking a real Piggy Bank!


The Piggy Bank also partners with During the Piggy Bank program, sells discount items to users. This in-app purchase function not only provides discounted items as rewards to users, but also benefits

Starting The Program With Clarity 

When users first start the Piggy Bank program, they will see the introduction slides describing how the program works. Then, they will be asked to set up a long-term goal. After that, they will choose the item rewards which can be redeemed at


How Incentives Play In The Process

Giving up a bad habit is hard, but the Piggy bank makes sure you keep the determination during the entire process.


When you are walking towards or walking pass your most visited liquor store, the app immediately sends you the most un-annoying notification. It kindly encourages you to keep your commitment.


notification example

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 11.18.18 PM.png


Whenever you want, you can check how well you are doing in the detail page. In it, you can see the progress and all your transaction records.


4. Collect reward!

Collect the money you saved over time, or use the money to redeem your dream items.



While a regular drinker keeps his unhealthy lifestyle, a Piggy Bank User gradually lower his/her spending in alcohol. The timeline below shows how a Piggy Bank User stays away from alcohol.