Design for Financial Inclusion: Farro


How can we bring the unbanked millennials into the mainstream financial world?

Banks are the safest and most sustainable way to manage money, build credit and gain financial opportunities. Yet 17% of millennials in the US do not have access to a bank account. And even if they do, they choose not to have one.

See how we are bridging the gap between the unbanked millennials and the bank with a special bank account.

12 weeks
User research, UX design, Prototyping
Andy Kang, Yumeng Ji
Collaborated with Andy and Yumeng throughout research and presentations. Contributed heavily on behavior analysis, design execution and prototypes.
JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Chase bank is having hard time receiving millennial customers.



Understanding The Users

What makes a millennial unbanked? What is the hardship one may experience in their life? We listed all the existing barriers from a user journey map.



Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 12.19.55 AM.png


Besides the distrust toward big banks, we found there are two objective reasons why millennials are not having bank accounts.

  1. Bank services are not tailored to the low-income population. Bank services are unaffordable and in-transparent. That’s why some millennials only use cash, or share a bank account with their family members.
  2. Withdraw, online transaction are not convenient or accessible enough for prepaid card users or millennials with volatile incomes. Many millennials turned to use AFS instead.


3 touchpoints will work together within a system. Personal devices like mobile phone & desktop will be the essential way for our users to manage money. ATM machine handles day-to-day check and cash operations. Branch staffs make services more personal and reliable.



Why Users Want Farro?


  1. All of Farro’s core functionalities mirror the users’ core needs, meaning Farro has an immediate effect on their everyday lives. Farro’s money management system helps them feel the tangibility of their money and bill situation.
  2. We empower users to control their credit and payment methods. At the end of the day, it’s obvious we’re in the business of building their financial future.

Why Bank Trusts Farro?

1. Increasing transactions means increasing revenue.

2. A doorway to other Chase bank products. One a user’s onboard, it is easy to invite them to try out other Chase products.

3. Farro has the ability to gather data to analyze risks financial behavior.

Business model 

Challenge and Take Aways