Design Behavior in Virtual Reality

What virtual reality can do to help observing human behaviors in excruciating detail? What design can do to create a new behavior that makes a positive impact?

As an extension of reality, VR allows us to explore human behavior and intelligence in a new way. So we created BuildingToy.

16 weeks
User research, UX design, Prototyping
Yujia Liu, Meichun Cai
UX & Visual Designer. Facilitated the formation of the product’s salient attributes.

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BuildingToy is an immersive and interactive playground in virtual reality built to activate spatial intelligence and sharpen motor skills. People are encouraged to explore and unleash their imagination to construct, deconstruct or simply have fun in the virtual space.


A User experiencing BuildingToy during exhibition

Correlation of Behavior,  Brain Activities, And Mentality

BuidlingToy provides a series of games, which activate different parts of the brain.


examples of the gaming element:


Five main mentalities and how to measure them in VR experience.

Data Visualization

Sustainable Model 

Data is constantly being collected from each interaction. Through machine learning, BuildingToy will get better at understanding human behavior. Artificial Intelligence helps BuildingToy automatically refine its algorithm and evaluation model. With scientifically refined gameplay and assessment tools, we will be able to deliver analytical models focusing on human behavior in the near future. This can be delivered in XR to complement physical space for educational or diagnosing purposes.

Potential Partners
Research Institutions; Educational Institutions; Occupational Therapist; Game Companies;